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Repeat Airdates for June

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Dispatched on: June 18, 2002

Sleepless Airdates for June

If you missed it when it aired in April, a repeat of "Backstab" will be shown this month. "Backstab" consists of earlier works from Vertov Industries including the classic episode "Crimestory" as well as "Knights of the Undead", a project completed in conjuction with the Kaimuki Community school for Adults.

There's a special treat for those who sit through the entire show. A few clips from the upcoming "The Whole Show" will be aired at the end of both features. Be sure to set your VCR's and catch every second of the old and new.

Tuesday, Jun. 25 12:01am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"
Sunday, Jun. 30 2:00am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"

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