The dirty little secret of the fiftieth state.

Sleepless is a large scale noncommercial filmo project produced by Vertov Industries for Broadcast on 'Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television. That facility serves Oahu [Metropolis of the Hawaiian Island Chain], over the Oceanic and TCI cable systems. They are wired to over 220,000 locations across the island.

On the heels of completing its ninth year, Sleepless is still the only locally produced long form fiction program. Its anthology format links multiple characters who have trouble with sleep. Their insomnia is only a small symptom of what hammers at them. The retelling of how they became sleepless is often the cornerstone in finding a resolution. Simple yarns exchanged over a table top are woven together with elaborate flashbacks and challenging narratives. This allows us to both fabricate a fresh roster of personae or revisit ones we can't get enough of.

Be advised the Sleepless may be grand in its scope, but it is one matrix of projects in a field of many.

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