It is a time of peace in the Pacific Realm.
Two powerful families have put aside generations of hatred, offering up a beloved son and daughter in marriage--in hopes of forming a lasting union between two syndicate houses. The wedding is an occasion for rejoicing, until death makes an unscheduled appearance.
Gutson, father of the bride, is brutally murdered. With his death comes an end to every hope for peace. All that remains is a desperate cry for swift and merciless vengeance.
The instruments of this blind justice are two of Gutson's most trusted minions.

The first is his personal bodyguard, a ruthless killing machine bereft of human compassion.

The second is Gutson's lawyer, a passionate and unrestrained woman hell bent on finding her boss' killer.
The journey of the two interrogators through the bizarre morass of the Pacific Realm's sordid netherworld will answer the question "Who killed Gutson?"
But it will also leave you wondering if a descent into ultimate perdition might come with a price tag too high for even the most hardened of hunters to pay.

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