Holy Crap? What Happened to the Web Updates?!

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Dispatched on: March 3, 2003

Return of the Web?

Holy crapolla, what happened to the updates to the Vertov Web? Well, to make a long, boring, and generally uninteresting story short, Vertov Industries had become under-staffed for quite a long period of time and in order to continue making pioneering movies that challenge the mind and assault the status quo, some sacrifices to the peripheral activities had to be made. Unfortunately for all of you who frequent this website hourly hoping beyond hope for the past year that we'd throw you a bone, not a single update has been made. But does that mean that Vertov Industries itself has gone the way of the Laserdisk? Have we given up the ship? NO! In fact, Vertov Industries has been buzzing with non-stop activity since the last update to the website done over a year ago.

The year 2002 saw the completion and screening of the epic filmo called "The Whole Show" as well as the execution of another feature-length taunt to the snob-ass film critics of the world. Our latest project saw completion in the Fall of 2002 and went with the title of 'Untitled September Project' until we decided on "Modelling Me".

Both "The Whole Show" and "Modelling Me" will be getting their own pages on the Vertov Web soon enough. New images and content is also on the way. We hope that those of you who had lost hope in the absence of updates will find a new reason to live now that we are breathing life into our electronic-age interface with the global public. Take heart that this is the beginning of a new phase of the Vertov Web. Cool stuff coming soon!

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