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Dispatched on: April 22, 2002

Sleepless Airdates for April

Here's your chance to catch a classic Sleepless episode. This week, Crimestory will be airing four times on Olelo. Olelo is the Community Access station on Oahu, Oceanic Cable channel 52. Along with Crimestory, "Knights of the Undead", a project completed under the Kaimuki Community School for Adults series of projects will be aired after the Crimestory feature, so be sure to watch them both to get your proper dosage of Sleepless.

Tuesday, Apr. 23 12:30am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"
Wednesday, Apr. 24 12:30am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"
Thursday, Apr. 25 12:30am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"
Saturday, Apr. 27 12:30am "Crimestory" and "Knights of the Undead"

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