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Dispatched on: February 5, 2002

"Crashing Christmas" Screening a Success

On January 27, Vertov Industries held a screening for their latest episode of Sleepless entitled "Crashing Christmas". This private screening was for invited guests only but the turnout was still greater than expected with around 50 people attending.

The total program for the evening lasted over three hours and included previews from another indpendent filmmaking group operating in Hawaii that call themselves "Ground One" as well as clips from the upcoming movie epic "The Whole Show" from Vertov Industries.

While "Crashing Christmas" had been given a very limited release prior to this screening, the version of the movie that was shown this January was an alternate cut featuring additional footage and alternate takes. Other differences include improved special effects and a tighter edit as a whole.

Another first for Vertov Industries this time around was the use of DVD technology to present the movie. In the week before the screening was held, the decision was made to make a transfer of the existing movie from an analog format intoa digital format. So not only was this the first time a movie was presented in DVD format by Vertov Industries, "Crashing Christmas" was the first movie by Vertov Industries to be given the DVD treatment at all. With the experiment a success, expect to hear about other Vertov Industries filmos being transfered onto DVD. As always, keep checking back to this website for more details on this as it happens.

There are tentative plans to release "Crashing Christmas" to the general public but the venue has not yet been decided.

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