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Dispatched on: January 22, 2002

"Crashing Christmas" Screening

"Crashing Christmas", the latest project completed by Vertov Industries, will be the subject of a private screening at the end of this month. Attendees are all guests of members of the cast or crew and will be in for an updated version of the movie than the one that had seen a limited release on Christmas 2001.

The details of the screening time and date are a closely guarded secret for now, but rest assured that an article or two of the event will be posted after it has passed. So stay tuned to the Vertov Industries news pages for when the general public will be allowed to view this new tale of Christmas joys and ho ho woes.

Although there still are no current plans to air "Crashing Christmas" as all the other episodes of Sleepless have been aired, plans are being made to get this latest addition to the Sleepless library out to the public at large.

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