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Dispatched on: November 13, 2001

"Christmas Thing" Pick Up Shooting Completed

While the target airdate for "Christmas Thing" is fast approaching, the crew of Vertov Industries set out to shoot some additional scenes that were not included in last years limited release edition. These scenes introduce some new characters never before seen in any Vertov Industries filmo.

Despite wind, rain, and no-shows, the cast and crew were able to do what they set out to do. In fact, many of the scenes turned out much better than was originally planned.

This set of pick up shots for "Christmas Thing" reunited some new cast members and crew from the new project we Vertov Industries completed production for this past summer. It also marked the first time the new cast members had participated in a shoot outside of that particular production. Expect to see those characters in "Christmas Thing" and in other future projects from Vertov Industries.

"Christmas Thing" is currently deep in post-production. The new scenes must be added and some additional improvements to the limited release edition will be made. When asked about the state of the editing, chief editor for Vertov Industries had this to say. "Those damn cinema pigs. I thought I had seen the last of this project last year. I sacrificed my holiday season for them last year and now they ask me again to work on their filmos and miss on these festive holidays. Not that I really have anywhere to go, because I'm a hobo." He then hobbled away back into the editing cave and went back to work with his only friend a sock puppet by his side.

Expect to see "Christmas Thing" on the air this winter on channel 52. Airdates will be posted as soon as they are available.

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